Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun with Minifigures Series 4 (Part 1)

This is the first part of a photo taking session with Minifigures Series 4.

Casts for today:
Geisha (Kimono Girl), Werewolf, Frankie (Monster/Frankenstien), Mad Scientist, Hazmat Guy and Lawn Gnome. Including figures from Series 1, 2 & 3

Printed hair

The warlord, samurai, with his right-hand man the ninja, ordered to carry out all assassination, together with the geisha.

An antique photo - 18th century style
The Samurai & Geisha

the geisha is actually taller & bigger size than the samurai

Man-made evil. Zombie(S1), Dracula, Witch (S2), Werewolf and Frankie (S4)

Guy in gorilla suit realised he is going to be out of job soon...with the real talents coming to replace him.

Creating Frankie with the green portion

Mad scientist having rubber hair, a surprise, i always thought lego uses plastic for minifigures

Mad Scientist with beard

Fishing kakis ("Kaki" in Malay means "legs", while "Kaki" in local Hokkien means "mine" or "my own" ("lang" means persons, we use kaki lang - friends). Somehow, the Malay and Hokkien words have blurred into a single phrase meaning "buddies" or "close companions".

Werewolf feeding the dogs, the bone looks more like a dog biscuit

Stay tune for part 2, coming up next...


  1. Wow, you already have the Geisha and the Hazmat guy - two of the figures I desire the most from this series... So far, we have seen no series 4 here in Taiwan.

  2. hi there, yes i got the 16 figures.

    Geisha is pretty common here, Hazmat guy is highly sought after.