Sunday, April 3, 2011

Series 4 Minifigures, have fun collecting!

the nervous Hazmat guy

Was at the local lego store this afternoon, there are 4 fans (2 are staff helping customers) surrounding the box "molesting the packs" hoping to get the figures they wanted. I just grab 3-4 packs trying to "feel" the content. Tough job, didn't get to guess any figures, was in a rush anyway. One of the guy announced that he had found the hazmat guy, he was about to put it one side, when i ask if i can have it.

the 1st figure i bought from retail: Hazmat guy!

my friend just pass me the 16 figures, updating more pictures shortly.

Similiar to Series 3 it is just as tedious to spot the tiny dots at the edge of the pack. The best way is just "feel" your way to the figures.

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