Friday, August 31, 2012

Shell Lego Toy Ferrari Cars - 30193 250 GT Berlinetta Review

A few days ago, i came across this ad on the Straits Times, Shell has launched a series of six Lego-build toys inspired by the iconic Ferrari cars. A new model is released every fortnight starting from 27 Sept. Motorists can buy each for S$5.95 with every $50 purchase of Shell fuel. Just purchased 2 packs tonight, pumping V-power at $2.51 per litre.

Here we have the first set of 6: 30193 250 GT Berlinetta.

the cool 250 GT Berlinetta, the classic Ferrari car.

 there are 4 stickers to stick on for this car

So it will be another collect 'em all! Till the next Ferrari car review in a week or so.


  1. These are actually cool. I could really use the back-end of that GT for another build.

  2. yes. there are 4 new parts in this small car, excluding that engine.

  3. 250 GT Berlinetta had been sold-out islandwide, in less than 1 week.. now looking forward to the second car.

  4. Hi bro, are you interested to sell your 2nd set as I was unable to get it :( ?

  5. i have the truck, the 458 and the fxx for sale or exhange with a F40 (white car)
    anyone interested?

    drop me an email to


  6. the white car F40 is not release in Singapore yet. thank you.

  7. sorry victor... it is no longer available.

  8. Anyone have a 250 GT to trade? email me at