Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malaysia Lego

Readers might like to have a look at Malaysia lego price, i am kind of surprised by the "PRICE". The policy being such that if the country's sales volume is less (less popular), the price will be higher. If we talk about buying power, it is impossible for the average Malaysian to buy such expensive toys in their country. Paying RM 700 for a box is about half or 1/3 of their salary, (based on the average income in Malaysia). No wonder Lego will not make it in Malaysia market, at least have the same price as Singapore.

Hogwarts Castle at RM 679.90!

Kingdoms Advert Calendar at RM 110.90

Kingdoms King's Castle RM 669.90 (SGD 283, USD 220) Indonesian price is probably the same or higher than Malaysia.

Singapore Retail price $219.90, members can get 10% less. I bought this castle at SGD135.90 during sales.

Kind of speechless, looks like a black market to me...this is the lego pricing in Asia (Indonesia too). We are kind of neglected here, why are we paying much more as compared to US, Australia and maybe UK.

Brick Bastion is the first online store selling lego in Malaysia, for Malaysia friends, they can just travel down the causeway and buy their lego in Singapore.


Current Exchange rate: 100 SGD to 236.71 Malaysian Ringgit

A Lego staff send me an email recently regarding my blog, hopefully they will see this post too. For the benefit of Lego fans in Asia.


  1. yeah us Asians really have it bad, as a Taiwanese I always feel a bit better cause we "only" have it about 25~30% more than US prices(75% discount counted). SE Asians get RIPPED OFF! In Taiwan Lego is more like an adult toy cause it's so freaking expensive, parents rather buy game cards or video games for their kids.

  2. thank you for your visit and post :)

    a friend from tawian told me this is where he bought his lego, it is still cheaper as compare to singapore. you guys can check it out:

  3. Yep, that's the ebay joint venture with a local online company.As a rule of thumb, for the past two years Taiwan MSRP are at around 1:50 USD(up to 1:55 for $99.99 and above sets), where as the current exchange rate is around 1:29,essentially at least 66% higher than US prices pre-tax. Local toy stores usually offer 20-25% discount, so the true price we usully get them in stores are about 25% higher. On that website some sellers offer as high as 30% off, so if you buy a big set it's cheaper on the web after even after shpping.

    Even though Taiwan AFOLs are mad about this, I can't complain when I see Singapore prices. The Slave I price I saw was ridiculous.

  4. hi really appreciate this infomation, thank you!

    here collectors tend to buy during a sales, which is 20% off RRP(Recommended Retail Price) there are a few small toy stores offering 15% & 20% throughout the year(cash payment) to counter the big departmental stores in terms of sales volume, they try to survive by making small profit margin.

    the departmental store will have 20% off 3-4 times a year. a big sales in Oct will have more than 20% off (maybe 40%), but it is a warzone.

  5. Why waste money buying in Malaysia? I rather spend singapore dollar than to shop any where in Malaysia.

  6. Hi guys,
    anyone can give me information about malaysian prices of 10211 and 10197 ??
    Could be cheaper than in Europe ??
    thks all


  7. Sorry no idea of Malaysia price. But it will certainly be more expensive as compared to Singapore. If u were to factor in the shipping cost, the best is to order from Singapore.