Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Price

Here is the retail price in UK. The Pirates will arrive in May just a few more months. Based on UK price, the price we pay here will probably multiple by 2 or 2.5.

We do not know if PoC will be like PoP, if you guys are patience just wait for a 20% discount during sales (about 3-4 times per year), more discount at the annual lego sales in Oct. I have no intention of buying at retail price.

4191 The Captain’s Cabin –

4192 Fountain of Youth - GBP21.99

4193 The London EscapeGBP49.99

4194 Whitecap Bay - GBP71.99

4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge - GBP102.99

4181 Isla De la Muerta - GBP21.99

4182 The Cannibal Escape – GBP30.99

4183 The Mill - GBP40.99

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