Monday, September 12, 2011

New equipment for phototaking

picture taken with a D7000

A month ago, i got a new DSLR, Nikon 7000. As a beginner, I'm learning how to use this equipment to take some nice lego pictures. But i think i will still continue posting pictures with my existing compact digital camera, i'm so use to it.

You guys can probably tell the quality of the pictures, d7000 is a superb equipment, and i'm learning how to use the functions :)

more lego pictures coming up! post any comments below.


  1. I think the photos 'll be better without using the flash light.

  2. yes right, too bright. need a macro lens (which i don't have now)

  3. Or using natural light like the sun. I took some at 3-4 p.m and I think It's good. :D

  4. yes i usual took pictures in the afternoon, for this picture i took it at night. thanks for sharing :)