Friday, August 27, 2010

Lego New Sets 7848 & 8404

Lego TRU Truck 7848. Singapore retail price at $59.90
8404 Public Transport. Singapore Retail Price at $169.90

2 new City sets hit town this week in Singapore.

7848 Toys R' Us truck with a toy shop. The figures included are a truck driver, a small boy and the sales woman.Consist of 356 pieces, retail price at S$59.90.

8404 Public Transport. Includes 6 minifigures: bus driver, tram driver, bicyclist, shop assistant, garbage truck driver and passenger. 864 pieces. City tram features rooms for 6 passengers, driver's seat at both ends, opening doors and is compatible with LEGO train tracks.

These 2 sets are very tempting indeed. After the Lego truck, it will be nice to have the Toy R Us truck... but I'm not buying any of these sets at the moment. For collectors out there, you guys might like to wait for a 20% off during Christmas sales... at $47.92 and $135.92 respectively.

The public transport set will be around for quite sometime anyway.

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