Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LegoAsia is 3 mths old today

In celebration of the 3 months... I had created this picture using Castle figures, the king, the queen and the princess. Readers can post a comment below this post and tell me what you would like to have for this photo caption!

LegoAsia Blog is 3 months old today.

In 3 months, there are a total of 45 posts. More than 600 unique visitors from 53 different countries visited the blog.

During the last few months, I received half a dozen encouraging feedbacks from visitors. Thank you for all your support, do bookmark this blog! See you around again.


  1. Happy 3 months young --- LegoAsia Blog! Thanks for sharing and keep up your passion of LEGO blogging!--- Cheers, legorookie

  2. "King father, please don't force me to marry Superman --- else ... my secret weapon- Kryptonite" ...legorookie

  3. Thanks legorookie!
    haha nice one..

    The queen had taken away the king's crown and forced him to put on her wig...