Monday, August 23, 2010

Sydney Myer Lego

18 Sept, after dinner, walked to the store nearby and check out the lego... intend to buy the Troll's Mountain Fortress. The store was closing, left shortly after taking a few pictures.. decided to buy on the last day.

Harbour Bridge made of lego is on display at the Myer Sydney City Store (18 Sept)

Myer store has a large section for lego, basically you can get all the lego sets there, the price is lower as compared to Singapore. (18 Sept)

Power miners!

Last day, and a lucky day too.. in the morning.
20% off for all lego just for a day on 19 Sept, amazingly it was pretty quiet, lucky didn't buy anything on 18 Sept the day before.

No I didn't buy this tower...

So much for last Friday sales... here are the pictures of my Sydney trip in September last year. In November & December, I was in Perth.. some pictures shortly.

Myer Sydney was near my service apartment, i decided to pop by again on the last day before taking a cab to the airport. Was in a rush to the airport, snapped a few pictures of the 1 day sale, brought 3 lego sets, troll's mountain fortress and drawbridge defense. With an additional 10% tax rebate at the airport.. a cool 30% off :)

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