Friday, November 18, 2011

Lego In Korea Update Nov 2011

Around Dongdaemun, the area where we were dropped

Dear readers, i'm back from my Korea trip. First, i would like to thank all those who continued to visit the blog, even through there isn't a single post in more than 10 days! I managed to come across Lego on the last day before taking a flight back to Singapore. Most of the departmental stores & duty free store we visited during the last 2 days sells clothings and others. There isn't much time to shop, most of the places we went to are tourist attractions.

Markings on the map, Toy Street (told by the girl at the info counter) was a street where we can find pets products, toys & stationery, it is a distribution area & at wholesale prices (Cheap!) If you notice, there was no street name on the map itself, as a wholesale/distribution area, i guess it is not really for tourists. We had asked 3 times (different person, once on the street where there are tourist friendly girls in tag, who speak mandarin) before we were told of this place.

On the last day in South Korea (16 Nov), we went to Dongdaemun Bonded Wear Wholesale Market and New Cheongye Clothing store. In the last hour or so before boarding the bus to airport, we checked with the information counter asking where to buy stationery (my sis was looking for stickers, pens). The problem in Korea is they uses Korean sign boards everywhere (there isn't any English). Not even Chinese, at least if there are Chinese characters on the sign board, i'm able to read. Very few Koreans speak Mandarin (used to be their official language) because of the long history with China..communication problem for tourist.

We are supposed to board the bus at 3:30 pm. When we managed to locate the place (toy street) on the map, it was already 3pm. From the map, I determine that it will take around 10 mins (fast walking) to reach the street from our current location. So was left with just around 10 -15 mins or so to check out the whole place!! :(

toys distributors & wholesale (both Korea & China products)

We found the stickers & other stuff! Yes the price are very cheap and they will sell you even for a piece :)

the lego store.. finally, i presume there are more around the area, but i didn't have time to look around

the store has lego posters outside their store, they do carry quite a wide range of lego and other toys

the price of lego is much cheaper than what we can get in Singapore, didn't buy any as it is troublesome to carry back.

all lego are at 20% discount, however i do not know if there are further discount on the price tag, i didn't ask as i'm not buying and nobody speaks English.(was rushing just snap a picture with my DSLR without focus)

business card from the distributor (showing the store), behind this card are contact (telephone & fax) and the list of toys they carry. Maybe a Korea reader can help me to interpret :) post comments below or drop me an email.

Hopefully readers will appreciate this post (post any comments below). The next post will be a really nice grand carousel from South Korea theme park Everland.


  1. Thank you for your post because it helped me locate this shop while I was there. Love the prices of the sets there.

  2. great! hope you get something nice.

  3. Can you put up the other side of the business card? I'm a huge Lego fanatic, stationed in Korea, and the other side I can show to a cab driver to have him take me there.

  4. sorry i had lost the business card. if you refer to the map, you might be able to get there. good luck.

  5. Hi, I know how to read the korean word.
    Here you go with the location stated on business card :
    By subway Line no. 1 (Dongdaemun) Exit No. 4/ Line No.6 Exit No.6