Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lego Series 3 Minifigures Code

The code is found at the bottom of the pack.

Courtesy of FBTB members,Rick Theroux.

With the release of S3 in USA, this will be useful for those who are searching for that particular figure, by looking at the package code. Otherwise, just touch & feel on the pack itself.

These codes are accurate for North America, but don't know if a different system is used for Europe and the rest of the world. If you have any news or information, drop me a message.

For more pictures check here:
fbtb's photostream


  1. The packs in New Zealand are completely different. Apart from being green there is no dots or different markings at all.

  2. Packs in Belgium and Luxembourg without any dots, dammit! ;-)

  3. it is quite hard to identify the dots, best is to touch & feel the pack.

  4. The dots are more like brail dots, move the bottom in the light and you will see the little dots that look like bubbles on the bottom seal

  5. yes. i know that. I had looked at 60 plus packs..LOL you know how frustrating it is.

    dear readers, rather than putting "anonymous" in the comments, do post a nickname/or your name (if u want), so i can identify you as the same person in all the comments. appreciate that.

    thank you :)

  6. Packs in Belgium have the dots but the layout seems totally different...