Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lego Mini Figures Series 3 Update: ON SALE IN USA

Hillel Jeff and Daniel score 11 cases of Series 3 minifigures on the first day they exist. At 25 % off.
My ass Series 3 minifigures are in the house my house

You do not have to wait till Jan 2011, from the latest update these figures are now avaliable for sale in US. It will be appearing on ebay within a week or so.

Figures Breakdown:
  • 5 figs in the case – Sumo Guy, Alien with Raygun, Mummy with Scorpion, Octan Team Race Car Driver
  • 4 figs in the case – Mountaineer Guy, Samurai Guy, Man in Ape Suit with Banana, Baseball Player with Bat, Tennis Lady
  • 3 figs in the case – Native American Chief, Elfin Bowman, Terminator Space Guy, Rapper, Snowboard Chick, Hula Girl
  • 2 figs in the case – Fisherman
Link Here: Figures Analysis and Pictures

There isn't any barcode on the package. So collectors who want to collect 'em all, will need to buy a whole box and I presume the resell price will be more expensive & subjected to speculation in Singapore. At the moment, I don't have any news as to when it will arrive on our island.

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