Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comparing Lego prices with other toys

Warcraft 3 Mountain King (dwarf). The 2 lego dwarf cost more than the mountain king (slight inflation), bought at a local sale for SGD10 (just a few years ago). Currently, you can't buy 2 lego dwarf at SGD 10. The mountain king weights 500g, 1/2 kg of plastic.

No point discussing behind my back, lego dwarves

Recent purchase of 5 legacy saga legends snowtrooper
(one of the best detailed action figure over the years)

The cost of 5 snowtoopers (including postage) is about the same price i paid for a box of Lego 8084 Snowtrooper battle pack.

The face behind the mask...
Cost of 1 saga hoth trooper = 1 lego hoth trooper

1980 vintage star wars German YPS hoth trooper (one of the rare variant) together with the lego figure, the german figure with description was first posted on my flickr album in 2007.
the lego figure will never reach the price of the vintage figure, it's quantity & history.

Been posting on lego for quite sometime, my other toys are looking forward for some exposure too. Lately, i have been looking at the current lego prices, it is easy to agree that lego prices has been increasing every year.

When a product gets more popular (higher demand), the market price don't drop with the increasing demand, but it just increases together with the market demand, this is the case for lego. This is profit maximization, however for consumers there is a way to control this.

i'm comparing action figures with lego minifigures, some of you might not agree with it.

post your comments below.

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