Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun with Minifigures Series 4 (Part 2)

where viking got his horns

Viking on a village raid

battle harden viking would have prefered a longer stick for his axe

Way before the invention of cameras, the artist is the most popular guy in town. Every ladies' dream to have a portrait like Mona Lisa.

this minifigure reminds me of the Argentina player Gabriel Batistuta, soccer player is one of the favourite now, together with rocker.

another rubber hair

Lego rapper, pop star and punk rocker from the music industry

Sports champion, judo, soccer player and sumo wrestler, now you know why sumo is having the grumpy face. Gold, Silver Brozne.
(for minifigures 1 & 2, lego used to give 2 accessories in each pack)

Here is the second part of phototaking session, soccer player, viking, artist and rock star.

Part 3 next for the remaining series 4 figures.

Fun with Minifigures Series 4 (Part 1)

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