Friday, August 19, 2011

Lego Annual Toys 'R' Us Sales at United Square

At 1 pm

The yearly Toys 'R' Us Lego Sales is here again at Novena United Square (from 19- 21 Aug), as advertised, the discount was up to 55%. This year my friends & I didn't bother to queue up and went into "battle" mode -battling for our lego, having done that for the last 2 years. After last year feedbacks from the public (or complaints), each customer is limited to 3 per box for the same item, no stacking of lego at one corner.

Reached Novena during lunch time around 1pm. The sales started at 11pm, my friend told me that there are people queuing up last evening (the usual practice). My sis was in the line, she queued for 2 hrs before getting into "shopping arena". Took another 1 hr to queue up for payment.

Sales items for this year are mainly CARS, Atlantis, Hero Factory, Prince of Persia, Bionicle, Racers, Toys Story, Space Police, Dulop, Technics and City, a few sets of Harry Potter, Pirates of Caribbean, Pharaoh's Quest and Castle. One reason the local forum AFOLs didn't turn out is because they ain't really interested in these sets.

almost empty..

waiting for payment... the cashiers were quite fast

taken at 1:35 pm

queuing up for payment

happy day for the kids when mom snapped up sooo much LEGO!

buying for the kids

what i bought this year, just 1 box

Saturday & Sunday will be opened to the public (without TRU card memberships) , there will be restock this year. I don't think the sales are up to 55%, buyers please take note, there are a few boxes of Pirates Of the Caribbean without price tag, and that is retail price! (no discount), so do check your receipts! TRU should not put retail price items in this sales! We can always buy at 20% off during sales.

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