Friday, July 9, 2010

Lego Sales in Singapore (Aug 2009)

Pictures are not taken by me. On the bottom right are the rare Lego ambulance set bundle with a lego set. Pirates, City, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and others.

All these were gone within a day (10 am to about 9 pm), just for card members. No stock left for Sat & Sun, the public was disappointed.

Castles were gone within an hour...half the retail price. To get a cheap set, you have to be fast.

Lego Police Station, Fire Station at SGD 99.90, about USD 70. Just a few train sets avaliable..

As mentioned on 21 Jun post, here is a post on last year lego sales.

The day before the start of the sale, "scouts" lego fan (the pictures above), access the location to take some pictures ... I came across these pictures on the local lego forum only after the sales. Before going down, they were able to know where the lego sets were placed and what was avaliable.

For card holders, we were allowed to enter on the first day of the 3 day sales. By the way, more than 95% of the lego were sold on the first day. The price was 50% or more off current retail price. What excite the buyer was, on sale were the current sets in the market, so the price was very attractive, great savings indeed. 2009 was during the financial crisis, and business need revenue which was hard to come by.

She was lucky enough to get the rare batman sets too.. just 2-3 surprise sets in the sales. Even the sets town plan!

You need someone to keep an eye on your items, when you go around to gather the sets you want can't carry them around if you are buying more than 3 sets, you need another hand to grab the items :)
Have to be fast!!! Yes, if you are fast enough, you are rewarded with the town sets, pirates, castles (limited sets). At that time, all the good sets were gone within minutes. She kept an eye on our sets when we are away, she was with her friends, look at what they gathered, there were more sets in front! This is the first time i came across buyers who are stacking lego sets (like free), her 3 friends came back with more...

Yes, you can hand carry all the above in one go after payment...having tried that! Look silly, but i took a taxi back. So it is best to have a friend or relative around to help you. 3 castles, one for myself, one for my nephew and final set was a birthday present.
Just buying what I need, and skip the rest..

My second day purchase on 2 Star Wars Lego, a Creator set and a few others ... nothing left on the 2nd day...

Check the blog again, there is probably a sales again in the 4th quarter.

Lego are expensive...and to collect we buy on discount.

Lego is highly addicitive. At the moment, my collection are mainly castle, a few City, Indiana Jones and Star Wars sets.

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