Saturday, July 10, 2010

HEY! Lego 7566 Farmer

HEY Farmer!
All the farmer sets has this same figure... with a costume of red and green. Appearing in the sets 7684 Pig Farm and Tractor, 7634 Tractor and 7637 Farm.

Lego City 7566 Farmer (the pig farmer). Singapore retail price $6.90.

Pig farmer and his pig

HEY! This is the farmer set with the cute little pig, and the so-so dog. Got it yesterday, I need a couple of pigs for my medieval village. The pig is not new, first appear in the set 7684 Pig Farm & Tractor set (with 4 pigs).

The pig's tail

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Lego Medieval Market

Coming up next, the scene from Animal Farm (George Orwell). Having a couple of animals and accessories, I'm able to create a simple scene.

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