Friday, August 20, 2010

TRU Mad Sale

At around 8 am, and I can sense there is a chance to get something today.

Gone in minutes... in general most are fellow collectors looking for good bargain. I hope they restock over the weekend for those who missed this round.

I don't even bother to walk over to the star wars section, even I was keen on the imperial star destroyer this time (guess it is ok, I won quite a few others), worried my earlier sets will be taken if I'm away for too long... a China girl helped me to keep an eye on my items. Star wars sets were gone in 5 mins from my knowledge.

This year is worst than last... the people are really "fierce". Seeing kids crying, angry customers complaining... this is part & parcel of a mad sales, it is not recommended to bring along your kids.

For those who went down for a sales, our main aim will be to get what we want... for all the trouble of queuing and waiting, at the end of the day, if you get what you wanted, then it will be worth it. I knew there are people who stayed overnight just to go in, guess they deserved to get the popular sets, I don't promote such behaviour, and we can't stop them from doing so.

Reached the location alone at around 8am, 3 hours before the sale, in front of me are around 20 people (but once the door is opened, there are around 30-40 in front of me). Time passes quicky as I chit-chat with fellow lego lovers while waiting.

And the battle begins at 11pm... and it was a fast one..

Within 15 mins I was going to the cashier. I will not describle the tactics used by others, but I was alone.. it was all about speed and knowing what you want in a mad place (with a bit of luck), it is once a year a crazy sale anyway.. and you join in the madness. The 10210 imperial flagship was avaliable at SGD 204, just a few sets.

Even when you get your sets, someone will just grab it in from of you, some will be more polite asking if the sets are taken, others will just pull it away from you. When you can get 50-65% lower than retail price, the "best" character will be on display.

Picture from "", probably around noon time, everything is gone ... She is a fellow AFFOL.

My haul in 10 mins madness. Left the place within 20 mins, went straight to the cashier kicking the items along the floor, how I wish someone was there to help me, and a friend turn out to help cheers! Waited less than 10 mins at the cashier. Yes again, carried all these stuff in one go...

The Kingdoms castle was for my nephew and me, my nephew currently in primary school pays for his own toys, so I'm glad I helped him to save his pocket money. The creator sets are for my sister.

Set 3221 is a cool lego truck, 5891 Apple Tree House and 6754 Family Home are for family fun.

Happy with these items, all captured alone. The BIG winner being TRU who organized this yearly event. To generate more revenue, they can stock up for the weekend sales. I bet 80-90% will be gone, this time from the public. Probably won't be going for such sale next year.

Pictures on TRU Facebook:
At the Sale

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