Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack Review

The battle pack figures:
Gunner Zombie, Jack, Yeoman Zombie, Scrum and King George's Officer
Jack Sparrow & Yeoman Zombie are having printed head on both side.

L to R: Yeoman Zombie from 4191, Yeoman Zombie from battle pack, Gunner zombie from 4191, Gunner Zombie from battle pack.

Having a close study with the earlier figures from 4191 Captain's Cabin to spot any difference. There is always a saying that the quality of the minifigures from the battle packs are usually not as good as those from the box set. It happens in Kingdoms and a few others. Overall i don't see much difference, but i still prefer the figures from the box set.

Yeoman zombie is not suppose to have the weapon sling, the hair becomes loose and come off quite easily. Fans will not mind the additional piece, good to hold the weapon and keep the hands free.

the battle pack figure on the right is actually having a darker print on the torso and head

The Jack figure from the battle pack is unable to hold the compass. I'm not sure if the problem lies with the tile compass? The figure's hand is just too widen.

Overall nice to have this battlepack. More Zombie soldiers & King George's Officers for army builders.

POTC Captain's Cabin Review
Captain's Cabin Review

Do check the blog again, i will include the zombie armies with Queen Ann's Revenge!

Next lego review will be on the new Kingdoms Windmill - 7189 Mill Village Raid.

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