Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack (Jul Update)

The Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack is now out for sale in Singapore. The retail price at S$20.90, works out to around $4 for each figure which is quite good!

The 5 minifigures Captain Jack Sparrow, Gunner Zombie, Yeoman Zombie, Scrum and King George's Officer.

will update each individual figures in the next post

The new Star Wars KeyChain Shaak Ti at S$6.90

Hope to buy a Shaak Ti minifigure one of these days, she's one of the most expensive Stars Wars Jedi master figure.

The new alien conquest battle pack (reminds me of ipad game Tower Defense) the attacking aliens. Retail price at $24.90.

5 minifigures: Alien Invader Trooper, 2 Alien Defense Unit Soldier, Alien Invader Pilot and Business man.

The New Alien Conquest sets are avaliable in retail today (check the earlier blog post on each individual sets). They do look nice, but not into those at the moment. (waiting for discount & sales)

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