Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4191 Captain's Cabin Review

This first POTC set review, 4191 Captain's Cabin. Pretty excited about the superb minifigures of Jack Sparrow and the two pirates, plus a few interesting new pieces. Total 94 pieces.

back of the box and the contents

two sided poster from this box

Jack Sparrow card. The globe & hair are in sealed plastic bag

the minifigures Jack with Yeoman Zombie and Gunner Zombie

the other side of the faces, opened mouth

back of the minifigures

the extra pieces in this pack

if we can just add them to the ship cabin, it will be awesome.
(too bad the ship is too small to accomodate them)

the printed bottle, with the 2 bottles mixed in the lego pieces, it is likely to have scratches to it, it happens to the second bottle, the details are not as great as this one.

some of the new pieces (globe, bottle, long bones and circle map)

Jack Sparrow planning for the next adventure!

the pirates standing by for further instructions
(catching the movie shortly, no idea why these zombies attack Jack as shown on the box)

Singapore retail price at S$29.90. Local buyers can wait for 20% discount in stores.

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