Friday, July 8, 2011

Lego Kingdoms FINALLY Here! Mill Village Raid

the 4 new kingdoms set

Since the post on 7 Nov 2010, on the speculation/rumours on the possible windmill. To the official confirmation from Lego on 24 Dec post (which i predicted correctly on the release month in Singapore), it had been exactly 8 months. Today finally got this much anticipated set, with these 4 new sets, it is going to be a good weekend for kingdoms fans in Singapore!

6918 Blacksmith Attack
7187 Escape from Dragon’s Prison
7188 King’s Carriage Ambush
7189 Mill Village Raid

set belongs to my friend who had fixed it a day before me, this will be a 2 part series on Mill Village Raid

the barn & stable

the simple motor for the windmill..

the minifigures, the favourite got to be the peasant boy, a two sided head, he got this sad look!

the new horse

the new farm animals in this box, i wonder why lego can't be more generous with the chicken, pig and goat? they should include more of these animals for fans.
Each chicken was for sale at USD3.99 (market price)!!

the sunflower

For 7189 Mill Village Raid, contains 663 pieces. Retail price at S$149.90.

this will be a lego building weekend, my brother (modular collector) got his cafe corner this week, we will see if it is possible to complete it over the weekend. I will update more on both the windmill & cafe corner.

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