Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classic Castle Dragon Army Collection

Here are my dragon knights, having 4 figures only
(there was an earlier post Dragon Slayer)
below are the collection from a friend, he took a couple of months buying the parts.

Check last year post here:
Dragon Knight Army

Here are the Dragon Archers (bow & crossbow)

7 crossbow archers standing at the back

the classic dark grey helmet

archers protected by halberd at both side

the foot soldiers

helmets with red, yellow and blue plumes

with dragon shields

both the Dragon foot soldiers & archers

Dragon Knights

Dragon Battle Flags
(the 2 capes on the left are the originals, the others are reprints, the flags are all original)

The white chrome helmet is the most expensive piece, together with the white plumes. White horse headdress are rare and hard to find.

Classic knights having the dark grey sword, comparing it with today's Kingdoms set, the older vintage sword was made of hard plastic (it cost more in price now)

3 different prints on the body torso for the dragon knights

Here comes the knights

the dragon army (ALL)

Enjoying my friend's lego & sharing the pictures here. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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