Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dragon Knights Cavalry MOC

. The dragon helmets with plumes, it is cheaper to buy the parts, from what I know, there are some challenges in finding the plumes and helmets.

The white knight, this is the first time I notice that there are white lance & horse headgear

Blue Dragon Knight Leader

Red Dragon Knight Leader
The horse headgear is from the dragon fantasy. The dragon shield is one of the best design shield from lego (they don't come cheap)

Yellow Dragon Knight leader

The white knight leading his cavalry

This is the completed cavalry from my friend, we combined postage in our earlier purchases last month (blog post on 9 Sept).

A total of 22 knights, 7 for each colour with a white knight as leader. Guess he is going to add the large dragon flags to his cavalry shortly. I like the colour combinations and this is pretty neat.

The pictures from friend and he agreed to share his collection here. Please post your comments below on his cavalry.


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