Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lego Castle & Kingdoms

Castle Fantasy King & his Knights (the grey & golden knight)

the new sword for the knight

the current kingdoms knights (superb design on the barding, shield, horse headgear), but too light weight.

Comparing with the early 90s horse barding, we prefer the earlier ones, in terms of quality. The quality has drop over the years (material wise)

Will lego Kingdoms cost more in the next few years (price increase) as compared with the earlier Fantasy Castle (2007-09)?

If we look in terms of designs, no doubt the current Kingdoms version (2010 & 2011) are nicer, having detailed design with prints on the body torso (both front & back), printed legs, horse headgear with horn and horse barding.

As a castle fan, the current plastic feel is just different, comparing with the 90s. Nicer design & print (increase in printing cost, since printed on both sided for the torso), but the weight is less, and it gives an impression of cheap mass produced plastic.

Don't think the price for the current Kingdoms sets (minifigures) will increase that much as compared with Castle theme (skeleton, dwarves & fantasy knights and the sets). As a castle fan, most of us have no intention of building a big kingdoms army.

Whether there will be a price increase on these Kingdoms in the near future, depends on the demand from collectors, with so many different themes coming up this year and probably next year. Buyers will have some budget on what to spend to stretch this hobby in the long run.

Castle (Crownies)
My Crownies Collections

The above collection belongs to my friend.

Next post will be on Dragon Knights...

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