Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lego Crownies Collection

The good wizard on horseback.
The white diamond is from Indiana Jones Shanghai Chase.

The grey knight and golden knight (drawbridge defense 7079)

Castle rangers (check 27 Aug post)

The Crown knight with body armour holding spear is from Knight Lego set 5615 (from 2008). Knight with body armour is the leader.

The knight holding the flag is from the medieval village set, be replaced with an armour knight with sword (set 5615), having 2 sealed boxes in cupboard.

Crownies (Castle Crown Knights)

Weekend is here, some phototaking on Saturday. Readers might like to check an earlier post dated 5 Aug, Crownies Building. Was having archers and halberd earlier, then included spearman and swordman.

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