Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lego mini armies Knights & Wolf Pack

From Germany, loose wolfpack figures and leg parts...

Final pack needed, arrived from US today... getting 4 horses (new).. received 1 wrong head.

Collecting parts in July...

Wolfpack was from the 90s, they were bandits in the castle series. Listed as used but I'm pretty happy as they looked new to me. 2 figures come with the red cape.

The archers collecting their crossbows...

Using 4 different kind of heads for the 10 halberd knights. The 24 crossbow were having the face on the 2nd Left. Crossbow leader was having the 1st right face (unshaved).

Not having hundreds... a total of 35 will do. These medieval men don't really bother to line up in straight lines..

Last month, purchased some lego parts from Singapore, US, Germany and UK. By today all the items had arrived. If you intend to collect more mini figures, this is one of the way, buying parts new or used. It is going to cost more by buying up 20-30 impulse sets for army building.

Initially, was looking at having 20 archers (crossbow) and 10 axemen (known as halberd). End up buying 25 archers, 10 axemen and 7 wolf people (better known as wolfpack at attractive price). Additional 2 vikings torso figures, complete but no headdress (the torso can be used for castles series too).

Not getting the wolfpack shield & flag at the moment as I didn't search for it and they seemed to be quite expensive. The challenging part was I'm unable to get all the torso from just 1 seller, so to build anything more than 20-30 will end up buying from 2 sellers, which in term added to cost (airmail charges). In this lot there are a few other extras, crossbow, axes, swords, cooking pan, cups ... for another scene later.

Will get some parts to create my own wolfpack hideout at the later stage. At the moment, 7 figures are sufficient as they are bandits and not an army..

The figures in this post cost more than USD100 (for 35 knights, 7 wolfpack, 4 horses, 2 not shown, plus other accessories), some of the parts were listed as used (still excellent). Some of collectors built armies in the hundreds, I came across a fellow Singaporean with 500 or more figures. For me it is never about the size or quantity, importantly, just have fun and be satisfied with what we have.

Till the next post, hope you enjoyed this post :)

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