Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lego Altantis Activity Book - The Squid Warrior

Was at the bookshop today, came across this lego activity book, get 10% off the price for card member. The retail price before discount is SGD 12.79. This is one of the most expensive figure from the Altantis theme, a loose complete figure on ebay was selling between USD12 - 20 (exclude postage). Just interested in this figure.

Now the book gives an idea of how it's like to have with an army of manta and shark warrior!

The activity book published by ladybird consists of 32 pages for kids, with a poster at the centre, facts file, puzzles and "Did you know?" with interesting facts on squids, crabs, sharks and turtles.

Did you know on Squids...

good details for the squid head..

the face behind the squid mask... looks fierce

The Squid Warrior is half man, and half squid. This creature has six tentacle legs, two arms, and tentacle hair and beard. These warriors are aggressive, but clumsy. Unable to stand still, so attacks on sight.

Swims at speed of of up to 24 kph (15 mph) and in shoals of up to 1200. This warriors tentacles are always moving, so when standing, they trip each other, and when eating, they knock away each other's food. Embarrassingly, they ink themselves when surprised.

In addition to using their tridents, they use their tentacles to grab their prey and and drag them towards their large, sharp, beaks.

Skipped the activity book that comes with the shark warrior... the squid's head can be used for the zombie figure too.

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