Saturday, August 7, 2010

Merry Men & the Forest Women

This classic forest woman is a re-issued figure, there are a couple available on US ebay and I think it is expensive. Here are the 4 forest women added on Friday.

Forest Woman: Wench or Warrior? She was found only in 6071 Forestmen's Crossing from 1990, where she had a quiver of arrows and a bow. Her torso piece with the green bodice and her green hat rag were only available in this particular set.

Now we know why they are called Merry Men....

Lego Merry Men... or forestman. The minifigure series 1 is the right figure.

The new mini figures series 1... forestman is one of the exciting figures for lego castle fans, I had came across a few fellow Singaporeans building an army of forestman or should I put it as forestmen...

Created Little John, using the staff from Prince of Persia, headdress from Series 1 Caveman. Just that he's a bit short...


The backstory of the Forestmen was never set in stone. Most of it is extrapolated from the various catalogues of the theme. What is known is that they were the rebel outcasts of the group, and often targeted the Crusader treasure wagons and often engaged the Black Falcon forces.

Sometime after the Old Kingdom fell and the lands were invaded by the Black Falcons, there were those in the land that found that there was no place for them in the new regime. So they took whatever they had and fled to the forest.

Their leader, some say it was Robin Hood but no official name was given to him, saw to the construction of several hidden fortresses, using the trees as the basis of the construction. In a few short years they constructed a formidable network of tree dwellings.

When the Black Knights invaded, the Forestmen joined forces with the Crusaders and Black Falcons to fight off the new enemy. Unfortunately, the Crusaders and Black Falcons were defeated, and most Forestmen fled the land. Some however, stayed to become two other factions, the Wolfpack and the Dark Forest.

Pictures on Wolfpack

Next post... the City Zombie Fighters (MOC)

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