Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lego Sales 23 Feb

On Monday, i received an email from BricksWorld, they are having a 20% discount for members today. By the time i'm made this post, i am afraid most of the 10xxx are all gone by now, the public might not be able to get them as there won't be any re-stock.

Reached there in the afternoon, to my surprise, my sis & her colleague was there too (able to use my membership card). For lego sets 10xxx (5 digits) there are bout 4-5 boxes each when i was there, as orders kept coming in, when i left Grand Emporium, Tower Bridge and Fire Brigade are sold out.

My purchase are 10213 Shuttle Adventure S$159.92 (after 20% off) and 10214 Tower bridge S$319.92 (after 20% off). My sis bought the 1st modular 10211 Grand Emporium S$271.92 (after 20%). Her colleague bought Tower Bridge, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium, will update them shortly.

With a 20% discount, it is quite good to get a few large sets. I spoke to the lady boss earlier, she told me someone had ordered 18 boxes of Grand Emporium. She might consider having 20% off just for members in the near future, suggested to have such sales every 6 months or so, she will be considering.

Check the next post shortly.


  1. yes... i am not a member.. and i miss this sales.. i am so sad.. i still lack of 10197 :(

  2. 10197 is the fire brigade, you don't have meh? forgot to tell you while i was there.
    need not to be sad, not buying means saving $.

  3. hahaha well said.... yeah.. modular i lack of fire brigade... waiting for sales again :P

  4. I am not a member too. Lacking some $80 to qualify for a member. I should have just paid for $30 to be their member last time. I want the tower bridge set. Geez.. all's gone. I wonder when will be the next 20% sale again.

    I was at Metro for their 20% off. But they don't have the Tower Bridge. :(

  5. hi kcy, taka, metro, toy 'r' us don't sell 10xxx sets.

    all the tower bridge and other modulars like emporium had been purchased by members. i have inside info that the 5 digits sets had been purchased by taka in large quantities, if it is true, you will see them at Taka Orchard shortly. All the modulars & tower bridge, starwars.

  6. u serious? Taka have 5 digit set? then I can wait for their sales period.

  7. we shall see then.

    not to worry, the time will come when u will get them somehow :)

  8. surprising they restock the 10197 fire brigade... and i manage to grab it kekeke... good news for me.. but not the tower bridge.