Monday, February 21, 2011

Lego Star Wars Ewoks Attack (2011)

Lego 7956 Star Wars Ewoks Attack (total 166 pieces)
USD24.99 (suggested retail price in US)

With 3 minifigures, Biker Scout, Logray (medicine man), Tokkat

Logray looks good!

Before I became a lego fan, I was a vintage star wars fan, ewoks was one of my focus area. I spend around 5 years buying up vintage star wars stuff. At the moment, I don't own a single lego ewok minifigure. This new set has 2 nice figures which i'm considering (might just buy the loose figures)

On this blog, I would like to share my vintage star wars ewoks moc (mint on cards), picture taken about 1.5 yrs ago. I'm short of the final 2 carded figures teebo (with coin) and wicket (with coin), i have no intention of buying them as it will cost more than USD 1,000 (furthermore they are not available in the market most of the time, simply too tedious to find one).

Vintage Star Wars ROTJ & Power of the Force MOC, total eight ewoks from Kenner

I enjoyed collecting all vintage ewoks related stuff (playsets & others), but stopped buying them about 2 years ago. By the way, i have yet to find out how many different lego ewoks minifigures are there *, knowing there are wicket, chief chirpa. The question is whether i'm going into building a lego ewoks army? Liked what i did for the vintage star wars ewoks and other figures, it is something i don't wish to start :)

* friend had updated me on the number of different lego ewoks. thanks!

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