Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wolfpack Preview...

The dark brown brick modified 1x2, log used for the chairs, is a must have for moc castles... with 50 pieces. The green pieces are from lego kingdoms 7949, found another 2 extra pieces for the 3rd chair.

Waiting for the ordered bricks. (Inside the hideout)

I'm supposed to finish the wolfpack hideout on Saturday after getting all the pieces ready on Friday night.. however as anticipated, run out of bricks (black bricks 1x2), the 150 pieces had been used, so tomorrow, Sunday evening I will be collecting another 200 pieces, probably will use less than 100.

The black brick 1x1 are running low (50 pieces), 20 pieces of modified 1x2 black brick with grilled are used too.
This is the modified brick with grilled 1 x 2 (in grey), the 2 sides has different grilled lines.

The MOC can be completed by tomorrow, will upload the pictures shortly. It's definitely more fun to moc compared to building lego sets..

The idea to build a wolfpack home came after collecting my wolfpack & knights minifigures. Check 5 Aug post.


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