Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wolfpack Hideout MOC

Wolfpack Hideout. The gate can be opened, wolfpack are poor so they used wooden gate.

Right side, where the weapons are stored, a chair at the side.

At the left side, consists of a table with 2 chairs.

Wolf pack boss checking the storage, wine barrels and treasure chests.

Blacksmith working at the chimmy.

Staircase leading to the tower...

The watch tower is the highest part.

Placed 2 windows at the left side.

Back of the fort.

Night time in Singapore, lacking nature light, the pictures taken are not that great. Probably will capture a few shots during the day.

Before buying the lego pieces, I wanted to build a chimmy, some chairs and a weapon stand. The current shields will be replaced once the wolfpack shields arrive. The wolfpack flags will be included later.

Received another 200 pieces of 2x1 black brick today, used 160 pieces. So in total, approximate 310 pieces of black bricks, plus 150 other bricks. Total pieces used is near 500.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, readers can drop your comments below and let me know what you think.


  1. Looks great. I especially like the details inside. Unfortuantly the pictures of the outside of the hideout are too dark for me to appreciate the detail.

  2. Thank you Murat, added a few pieces to the hideout today and will upload more pictures on this post shortly :)