Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time for MOC

The black horses and skeleton horses/saddles packet belongs to a friend for army building.
Another 150 pieces of 2 x 1 black brick from an earlier purchase (might not be sufficent).

3 different horse headgears for future use..

The horses belongs to my friend, we combined postage for some savings.

A black horse with red horse headgear seems to match well.

This is the 2nd package, received today. Consists of bricks, plates, staircases, helmets, apples (for some use)

For yesterday & today, I received my orders from US, orders were placed about 2 weeks ago in Aug. I intend to build a wolfpack hideout. There are about 400 plus pieces, at the moment I'm not sure if there will be sufficient bricks.

Will update my creation in a few days time.. so do check again.

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