Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 10 Review

Roman general & foot soldier.. tracking down medusa.

Medusa is a highly sought after figure. She should have come with a bow, i should include a quiver too! Awesome!

It is getting more expensive to collect these minifigures... for a box of 60 figures, there are only 2 for each for the above 6. Only able to produce 2 complete set. No wonder it is almost impossible to buy the figures from lego retail outlet.

Captain and the seagull....

Purchased around 9 figures from retail this time, as it is no longer worth the effort. It is recommended to buy online where it is cheaper.

 the warriors in this series

the common figures you are lightly to get in retail...

Again we will be having more minifigure series this year.. I presume there will be at least 2 more series coming up. Please post your comments on this post, stories on your hunt for this series.

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