Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lego 9471 Lord of the Ring Uruk-Hai Army Review

Here are some pictures of the  9471 Uruk-hai Army set, there will be more pictures when i open other sets. The 2 Rohan archers are extra figures purchased earlier.

the horse is unable to stand in this post, blu-tack was used

However by pulling the horse legs back to the max, it is able to stand on its own. This is really awesome (picture below)

archers preparing for battle, they need help from the elves warriors

rallying the troops before battle

the leader of the uruk-hai army making a daring attempt to breach the wall, which is a bit too low, it will be better if it is slightly higher by 2 bricks, with more bricks -- probably at a higher price

the uruk-hai army, and their attacking arrow shooting wagon

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