Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lego Shopping for September from New York

Hi guys, here is an update of September purchased (lego collection). This should keep me occupied for more than 2 weeks. The set had been removed from the box, which is then flattened.

Currently in US, Toy R Us is having a sale of " Buy 2 sets get the 3rd box free". This includes the 5 digit modular houses (sorry there isn't Town Hall), but there is Fire Brigade, GE... This is a great time for army builders, especially for LOTR 9471. Why spend $80 for this box in Singapore? It is just overpriced.

Total 6 sets of 9471

9516 Jabba's Palace, Star Wars Fan Favourite! 
With this, we had no choice but to purchase the Rancor Pit set in 2013 

 Haunted house, we are going to fix this first! 


Check my later post for more set reviews. Have a great weekend!

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