Monday, January 9, 2012

Lego Corner Candy and City Post & Library MOC Order today!

Check out these Custom Modular Buildings for addition to your LEGO modular collection!

The Corner Candy, sporting Victorian style architecture with special features such as the spiral staircases and building textures, is made from just over 2,200 pieces and fits perfectly with Cafe Corner and other modular buildings from the official LEGO line.

corner candy, the favourite shop for kids in the lego city

The second model City Post & Library is composed of over 3,400 parts with a fully furnished interior! The first level has the post office complete with PO boxes and retail center. While the second level has a library complete with the many things you'd expect, lots of books, computer catalog/internet, reading area, and librarian at checkout desk. Two great new fan-made custom models to add to your modular collection!

every city needs a library

corner candy together with city post/ library

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Do drop me a message at my email - I will provide you guys with a special code to purchase these wonderful instructions set from Jonathan. Get both pdf today! Thank you.

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