Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 5 Singapore

Lego minifigures Series 5 will be on sale in Singapore this Friday. The much anticipated series is finally here since my first post on 23 Jan.

Happy hunting and Good Luck!!

hope to get gangster, gladiator, cave woman & boxer from retail. I will post more pictures once i get hold of them.


  1. We Vietnamese 've just had Series 5 today. And the shops allow us to feel for what inside. Good luck!

    P.s: This is one of my favorite blog. But I'm rarely see people leave comments?

  2. Hi there, thank you for your visit! We are allow to "feel" the pack in Singapore too. I will get a few figures tomorrow.

    yes most readers are quiet here, keep me update on what u got there :)

  3. I got nearly 25 Dwarves, 40 Gladiators (most for a friend in Singapore) and some other minifigs. Don't know why I missed so much Dwarves cause the number of each in a box is the same.

  4. hi anonymous are u the same person from Vietnam?

    do leave a name(nick name) so i know who u are...everyone is "Anonymous" here.

    25 Dwarves is a lot/40 gladiators!... army building, but they are all identical unless u mix and match with the earlier castle dwarves.

  5. Yes It's me. I changed the faces of my dwarves. Maybe my friend 'll do the same. Castle had been discontinued when I began to have money to spend on Lego. Still think that their dwarves are much cooler.

  6. Lego in Vietnam is more expensive as compared to Singapore. i just got some keychains from HCM, very good price :)