Monday, May 23, 2011

Lego Western Theme MOC

Wells, Fargo & Co. Express and Assay Office By Nathan
Nathan's flickr

Here's the first blog post on lego Western theme (cowboys), i did post on classic lego Indians not too long ago. Tonight was checking on some of the moc on wild wild western, before logging off.

This is one of the tedious blog post, here are best pictures selected from the net, the urls are provided for reference to their flickr album. How can we missed out on the western theme with gold rush, town sheriff, native indians, ladies, bank robbers, duel between cowboys and so on.

Western Poster by Orion Pax

Stagecoach by I Scream Clone

Gold Rush by I Scream Clone

Western Buildings by legohaulic

Brennan Gulch by Profound Whatever
Profound Whatever's flickr

These 5 posted western moc gave the best impression, excluding the western minifigures (5 pictures selected out of over 4o), based on building creativity, fun and details.

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