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Lego Fabuland

1986 Small Lego Catalog Fabuland (picture source from:

Was packing my toys cupboard last night, and "dig up" a pack of Lego Fabuland from my childhood (my mom bought them during an overseas trip to Switzerland, price shown are in Swiss Franc). I won't say they are my childhood toys, cause i didn't really play with them. I realised there isn't much pictures on lego Fabuland (when i did a google search, it's less than 2 pages). So here are some of the sets i have.

The funny thing about lego is that adults are excited by these kids toys, similiar with Lego Minifigures and other sets (we don't really care about the stated ages for 5-12 or 7-14 years old). It's adults who are buying and collecting them. Fabuland was first introduced in 1979, to fill the gap between Dulop and the standard lego product ranges. Aim at both boys & girls. Currently there are a group of Fabuland lovers from US & UK.

All the Fabuland sets:
Classic Fabuland Sets

Fabuland Adult Fan MOC, by Hinckley from Sweden:
Fabuland Fans MOC

3715 Hannah's Flower Stand (1985)
there is just 1 set avaliable for sale in the whole of US and the seller has put it at USD145!

missing one piece

3784 Hugo Hog the Tinker (1982)

3714 Workman & Barrow (1985)

3625 Sandy Seagull's Airplane (1985)
a similiar set 3630 Percy Pilot was released in 1984
the set number was not displayed on the box itself
(just an empty box, need to find where the contents are, lost during house moving)

3797 Fire Engine (Bulldog)
another empty box.

Fabuland Sets
(Peter Pig the Cook)

this picture was inspired by one i came across while searching for Fabuland pictures

the 3 little pigs

Fabuland toys are free gifts from Nespray (free toy for every tin of Nespray back in the 80s)

I remember having the set 3719 Bus Stop with Maximilian Mouse, another misplaced set. Priced at DKK650 in Denmark (just 1 set) SGD155!! Now i need to find my set..LOL

Post your comments below, how many of you are Fabuland Fans?

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