Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lego Christmas Sales in Singapore

Was at Tampinese Toy'R'Us yesterday, the set 8404 is now at $169.90.

The retail price for this set previously was $219.90 (at 30% off). However an earlier post on 17 Aug, the rrp i received was S$169.90 (so it seems there isn't any discount). Other sets on discount includes Hero Factory, Prince of Persia.

With a $40 toyrus voucher, I have to use it shortly before year end.

discount in lego/departmental stores:

3221 LEGO Truck - S$39.90 (Usual Price: S$50.90 /Save: S$11.00)
3222 Helicopter and Limousine - S$39.90 (Usual Price: S$60.90 /Save: S$21.00)
7569 Desert Attack - S$19.90 (Usual Price: S$25.90 /Save: S$6.00)
7570 The Ostrich Race - S$29.90 (Usual Price: S$39.90 /Save: S$10.00)
8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack - S$19.95 (Usual Price: S$30.90 /Save: S$10.95)
8084 Snow Trooper Battle Pack - S$19.95 (Usual Price: S$30.90 /Save: S$10.95)
8403 City House - S$59.90 (Usual Price: S$81.90 /Save: S$22.00)

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