Monday, September 27, 2010

Checking Lego Prices in Town (27 Sept)

Lego Space Shuttle was not avaliable in Toy-R-Us. Taking a close look at the price..

SGD 269.90. In US, the retail price is USD99, furthermore it comes with a free lego astronaut magnet figure (from a US friend)

Shop display. The modulars, an increase in prices as compared to a few months ago. Probably because in Singapore, a few celebrities announced that they are collecting lego modulars, thus the price is marked up further.

Current promotion, which I don't really bother. Just to show how lego prices are marked up at retail.

Was in town to collect my race pack at lunch time, my main blog
Hedgehog & Friends

After that, walked to a nearby toy shop and checked the lego, didn't buy anything as everything seems so expensive nowadays. Most of my stuff are purchased online, and I seldom buy lego off retail now, unless there is a 20% discount or more.

Received a packet from Germany this evening (well unable to keep the promise of not buying lego for even a month - just reduced spending, picking up something cheap before it was gone), will update a post later this week.

pictures taken using my 2MP handphone.

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