Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wolfpack Renegades 6038 Review

Wolfpack Renegades 6038 comes with 2 figures, a total of 100 pieces. This set is from 1992 under the theme castle, with sub theme wolfpack.

Last night, I had my wolfpack lego on the floor for some photo taking. Both wolfpack sets are in very good condition without box, it comes with the original instructions.

Here are the weapons (from each set) which the wolfpack badly needed as they are poorly equipped in battles.

The reinforcements travelling to the wolfpack hideout moc, 2 sets of 6038 and 6 wolfpack figures.

In the middle of the night, halfway through their jounery, the wolfpack stopped for a deserving break before walking long distances again.

Lying on the ground resting, staring at the night sky, others gathered for a quiet chat. 2 guards had to perform guard duty one in front and the other at the rear.

Attending the horse for the long journey ahead.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. More updates on wolfpack shortly, these extra figures are going to join the exisiting bandits.

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