Monday, June 21, 2010

Lego Delivery Monday

Home Delivery...

The most exciting Lego Set! The Hospital 7892 including 7890 Ambulance, 7903 Rescue Helicopter, 7902 Doctor's Car. The hospital was released in Jan 2006 and was discontinued.

Will review in detail when i open up the set. A review from Lego: When someone is sick in LEGO City, the staff of the City Hospital jumps into action! With three floors of medical rooms and equipment, a rescue helicopter and EMT truck, there's no emergency they can't handle! Includes doctor, patient and 2 rescue worker minifigures with lots of accessories! Includes rescue helicopter and EMT truck! Hospital has three floors of exam rooms!

Lego 66326, 4-in-1 super pack (front & back)

Today's delivery of 5 Super Pack

The Lego Superpack 3 in 1 - Above is 66307 World City Value Pack, below is the set 66329 Police/Fire Value Pack. These sets were purchased with the hospital sets last week and was brought back as they were easier to carry. 2 sets each.

Behind the box.

The postman arrived today at 10am for the Lego delivery. As mentioned in the earlier post, an update on the new purchase.

4 Boxes of 66193 (Hospital Set) and 1 Box of 66326, a total of 20 boxes of lego sets. Plus earlier 12 smaller sets of 66307 and 66329. The hospital set was gone within 2 hours, while I was there, calls were coming in and orders were placed. There was an unknown buyer buying up all 66193. Luckly, I am able to get a few sets. There were less than 15 sets in total.

The sets which I give it a miss is the Super Pack 3-in-1 set 66306 Coast Guard set, comes with 7738 Coast Helicopter & Life Raft, 7736 Coast Guard Quad Bike and 7737 Coast Guard 4WD Jet Scooter. On discount was the 7686 Helicopter Transporter at about 30% cheaper.

I guess Lego City sales are not as expected, so they came up with the exclusive value pack at a lower price. However, the lego hospital being discontinued, are what most Lego City fans are interested in. Currently it is quite expensive and hard to get in the open market, not many are sealed in box.

The coming post will be on last year lego sales in Singapore, so called "warehouse sale", so stay tune.


  1. Hi, I happen to chance upon your entry while surfing.

    Do you know that there is a local LEGO fan group, S0937FG? (

    Do join us if you haven't already. :)

  2. yes i'm a member, visited once or twice had been away for a long time. thank you will do :)