Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lego Star Wars collections

Current Lego Star Wars just 9 different sets. The 3-in-1 set (7668, 7667, 8017)
7674, 7676, 7749 (not in picture), 8014, 8083, 8084

Back of the box for the 3 in 1 Superpack

These are the sets that are I will open shortly.. Lego released troopers sets with the purpose of attracting collectors to purchase more than 1 box, always about building your own army.

Here's an update of my current Lego Star Wars collection. As local retail prices tend to be expensive, it is better to buy them while on discount/sales, even during overseas trip with tax rebate at the airport.

Coming up next, having purchased more than 30 boxes of Lego Town sets yesterday at a sales (some extra sets), including the complete hospital sets & vehicles (discontinued sets). Items will be delivered to my home next week, too much for me to carry.

I am not into collecting town sets, but some of the sets are too good to be missed.. now my room is full of LEGO. Do not intend to collect TOWN SETS, in doing so I might end up with building a town/city... I had came across fellow lego town collectors, with their trains, airport, construction vehicles and farm. Just 1 set to get you addicted and keep buying. :P

Visit the blog again and I will post more pictures once my Lego Hospital sets arrive on Monday.

After the hospital post, will be pictures of a lego sales last year, where current lego are at a discount of 40% or more. Almost all were gone within half a day. Sometimes I wonder if the favourite pastime for most Singaporeans are fixing lego during their spare time.


  1. My country sales this sets also but price's really high

    around 4,000 Baht / 1 big box (around $150)

  2. You meant the 3-in-1 set? I got much less than $150. Lego is very expensive in Thailand.