Monday, June 28, 2010

Lego Creator Saturday!

Lego Creator 3 in 1... more fun.

Lego Creator 6745

2 weeks of World Cup football, and clearly a lack of sleep nowadays... An interesting week where I attended the local Lego Forum gathering last Friday (my first), talked to a few collectors & meeting a few amazing guys. Nicholas, LEGO® Certified Professional in Asia was present too, you can check his blog on my blogroll.

Back from the post office this afternoon, posted the set Lego 7892 Hospital to Spain. The item weights 1.3kg ... approximate 1.5kg on the scale with packaging. The buyer is going to enjoy this set. :)

On Saturday, purchased 5 sets of lego, 3 small City sets and 2 creators. Lego are meant to be fun, so got myself these 2 creator sets. I guess I'm going to add the 6741 Mini Jet and 4837 Mini Trains, with 20% discount at the moment each set is less than $10. :)

Let me prepare the next post and will be back shortly.

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