Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Legoland Malaysia Latest Update Feb 2012

On Tuesday Straits Times, 31 Jan, there is a latest report on the Malaysia Legoland. Singapore visitors key for Legoland. I would just post a few statements here for your information. The news article talk about the new rides, visitors expectation, entrance cost and a few others.

"All in all 5 million lego bricks had been used for the Legoland."

"The day passes which will be on sale in 2 months, are RM140 for adult and RM110, RM30 discount for Malaysian showing their identity card. The Malaysia's opposition has criticised the government for pouring millions into a theme park which may never earn back its RM720 million investment."

There isn't any typo mistake....RM 720 MILLION!! for the manpower & cost of 5 million bricks?

The exact location of Legoland in Johor Malaysia, a 10 mins drive from Singapore

The park will be opened in September or October 2012. LegoAsia will be the first to visit the park and we will have a special field report with tons of pictures.

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