Friday, June 10, 2011

Lego City 3-in-1 & 4-in-1 Super Pack

Got 3 boxes of new lego 3-in-1 & 4-in-1 City Super Pack today, consists of a total of 10 sets. With the set 7634 Tractor and 7241 Fire Car appearing twice. Readers might like to check on the earlier post on the hospital lego super pack & others. Lego 4-in-1 Super Pack Hospital

My younger brother collects modular, so these city vehicles can be added to his little town, some savings when we purchased these super pack rather than the individual box.

Set 66342 consists of 7213, 7942 and 7241

Set 66345 consists of 7634, 3177 and 7241

Set 66358, consists of 7684, 7634 and 7635

The minifigures in this the 3 super packs

Other super packs avaliable are the technics, Lego Star Wars 3-in-1 Value pack 66366 with Hoth Wampa Cave 8089, 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack and 7749 Echo Base at S$139.90.

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