Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lego Thundercats (well maybe)

came across this poster designed by darinm from deviantART
this was actually created more than 3 years ago!

As an adult over 30 years old, how awesome it will be if we have Lego Thundercats, imagine the characters, vehicles and playsets. Afterall we have Lego from Indiana Jones movies, Batman comics, Star Wars universe, Harry Potter, Disney Toy Story & Prince of Persia. It's just endless possibilities!

Lion-O created by Mace2006, torso design from Fine Clonier Decals, standard lego parts and a Brickforge Sword! Created in Aug 2008. With photoshop, the decals produced can be much better now. Picture source from deviantArt.

Lego fans are even suggesting having Lego Simpson, Lego Halo, Lego South Park, Lego X-Men and so on. At the meantime, stay tune to the next post on Lego Lord of the Rings,.

Source from: deviantART

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